Summertime is a different beast.  The world may rise just as early, on the wings of the sun and the words of a toddler telling me the day is awake, but time pushes throughout the mornings and afternoons in a slow, lazy, unobtrusive dance of daylight and food and nap-time and grass cuttings.  Time is … Continue reading Sumsumsummatime

Baby Fever

We are a comfortable family of four, and we plan to stay that way. However, that does not change the fact that I want another baby.  At least, my body thinks I do.  Sometimes, I feel my body asking for a dozen more babies – craving them, the way it craves a glass of wine … Continue reading Baby Fever

Happy Campers

The first time we went camping this summer only Josh and Dylan spent the night in the tent; at the end of the evening, I drove Oscar and the dogs 20 minutes back home from the local campground. It was mid-May, still cold at night, and Dylan was stoked to wear his headlamp and sit … Continue reading Happy Campers