Sleep Training

11 thoughts on “Sleep Training”

  1. Katie, you are doing such a perfect job. I carried Lyndon everywhere for the first months. I don’t remember when I really worked at helping him sleep on his own, but definitely not in the first 3-4 months. Carry him around as much as you can when he’s so little, they grow way too fast. And I’ve always heard the first 3 months are really just the ‘4th trimester.’ So fun to hear about you and your little one.


  2. Hello, Mama! I’m so happy to have a link to your blog. I loved reading this, and it reminded me of two things: Motherly instincts must be followed and Weissbluth has been right on so many occasions (for us). If I didn’t carry Sam in his first four months, maybe even five, he wouldn’t have slept at all during the day. But when it came to the question of being overtired, Weissbluth was always right on. Sleep begets sleep. Which is still true at the age of two.

    If it makes you feel better, I did more reading on sleep during the first 9 months of Sam’s life than I did for my dissertation. It’s just confounding at times. And now that I think I have a few things figured out, it will all be different, I’m sure, for baby #2 arriving in December.

    Dylan is one lucky fella, that’s for sure!


  3. Watch Dr Harvey Karp’s 5 s’s- it’s a miracle worker! Also – I really believe in following Karpism – “never wake a sleeping baby” and ” sleep begets sleep.”


  4. Totally agree with your mom – just trust your instincts! 🙂 The K’Tan did wonders for us when Leif was crabby a lot, too. He still loves being in it!


  5. First, Katie, you are a gifted writer…. I am jealous. And second, I hope you do relish every moment of your leave, including keeping Dylan close. I wish I could wear Etta all day long, especially at work. I miss the smell (which happens to be pretty stinky these days since she refuses to poop but once every eight days), the diaper changes, the time. Again, jealous.


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