Oh God, Babysitters

One thought on “Oh God, Babysitters”

  1. Don’t worry that you’re creating a monster – the MOST I have ever let Elliott “cry it out” was about two minutes and that has been less times than I would need all my fingers for. That whole “crying it out” thing was started by one jerk doctor in the 30s I believe? If I can find the article I read, I will send it to you. It was actually just a couple of days ago, and the gist of it was that prior to this doctor, parents responded to their children’s needs as necessary, and it wasn’t considered a “problem” that their 2, 6, 8, 10, 15 month old had an issue that needed tending to. Then this whole “spare the rod spoil the child” and “crying it out” bs came out and made all mothers who were responsive and kind to their kids feel like they were horrible people and were going to have rotten kids. These would be the same principles that caused Kris’ grandmother to believe that hugging and kissing her male children beyond the age of 5 was unnecessary and would make them weak. I love reading the history of stuff like this, but it makes me so angry, because a lot of people just do what they’re told and what they are told is often by whoever is the loudest or what is most convenient. Although I’m not sure what is convenient about trying to sleep over a baby crying for two hours. Personally, I’d rather stick him on my boob and fall asleep with him next to me. Oh, and except for one horrible experience for Kris’ sister Katie, all the other babysitting times have been great and he hasn’t needed to be coddled to get to sleep. So, don’t worry about any of that. It sounds like you’re not anyway, but I just wanted to confirm what you already know. 🙂


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