There Are No Words (and yet, I ramble on for 1600 or so…)

I’m thinking about the Nebraska mama who lost her two-year-old baby in a freak accident at Disney World. I’m thinking about the mama of one of our recently graduated seniors, who lost her 18-year-old baby in the Temperance River nine days ago. I’m thinking about all the mamas of the Orlando victims who lost their … Continue reading There Are No Words (and yet, I ramble on for 1600 or so…)


Russell paraphrased the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, in helping to explain this re-consumption phenomenon, “You never cross the same river twice — it’s not the same river, and it’s not the same you.” I had this literature professor in undergrad named Nellie McKay – an African American Studies scholar and the most brilliant, kind, soft-spoken woman … Continue reading Remembering

We Have a Biter

Beware, friends with kids, we have a biter. On Monday, our daycare provider sent Dylan home with the book, “Teeth Are Not for Biting.” And even though she assured us this is just a phase and it will pass, I couldn’t help but feel like I should have seen this coming. Just recently, Dylan has … Continue reading We Have a Biter

Tick Tock

Oscar is two months old today, and God only knows where those photo op stickers are for his chest (sorry, Mom) – must have gotten lost in the holiday hustle & bustle, along with any remaining shred of vanity, sanity, and all sense of time. I read a headline this morning that claimed it’s “colder … Continue reading Tick Tock

For Josh

Dylan is waking up from his morning nap right now. 10:27am. I put him down at 9am. He spent the first 15 minutes in his crib eating playing cards. I had to go upstairs and take them out of his hands (I don’t know how he got them in the first place…) and substitute it … Continue reading For Josh