My dad is from Iowa, and even though he wasn’t raised on a farm he always acted as if we were.  “Wake up!”  He’d shout.  “It’s time to plow the south 40!”  I suppose that was his equivalent to my mom’s good morning song – we heard it just as often and found it just … Continue reading Chores

I’m so tired…

Dylan had a rough night last night and, therefore, so did his mama.  Up every two hours or so.  I’m not sure what that was all about but it’s reduced my thinking capacity for today.  So, I’m simply going to unload some of the flotsam in my brain: I was telling Dylan about his family … Continue reading I’m so tired…

Daddy Who?

Recently, Josh teased me, asking if all mommy bloggers sounded like single moms.  Hmm, I smiled.  I don’t know…why – do I? I asked him, already knowing the answer.  Well, yeah, he shrugged and smiled back, kind of.  Well, I’m just getting started, I told him, you’ll figure in soon enough.  But we both also … Continue reading Daddy Who?

Rock Star Mama

When my sisters and I were little, our mom would wake us up in the morning with a song.  Now, hold your “awwws” for just a moment, because it was an original song, sung in operetta, while she was opening the blinds in our otherwise dark bedrooms.  She’d sing, “Good morning girrrrrlllsss, how’d you sleep … Continue reading Rock Star Mama

Sleep Training

Well, it turns out I’ve treated this blog like a fad diet – three days in and I fell off the wagon.  And, though I was raised in a “no excuses” household, I have a really good excuse:  my parents were in town this weekend.  Because my parents live almost seven hours away (in my … Continue reading Sleep Training

Ms. Jackson’s Wisdom

This morning, La Toya Jackson told Hoda & Kathie Lee that “time flies,” in reference to Ms. Jackson turning 55.  I concur.  Just yesterday, I was walking Dylan along the river path toward the nostalgic little downtown area and I detected hints of fall in the air.  I mean, I know it’s September already, but … Continue reading Ms. Jackson’s Wisdom

Night Moves

For some reason, I got Bob Seger’s song, “Night Moves,” stuck in my head last night, around 1:13am.  It was a little past what is becoming one of Dylan’s “normal” night feedings, and he was fussy as hell.  So there I was, rocking him in my delirious state and trying not to fall asleep and … Continue reading Night Moves