Daddy Who?

Recently, Josh teased me, asking if all mommy bloggers sounded like single moms.  Hmm, I smiled.  I don’t know…why – do I? I asked him, already knowing the answer.  Well, yeah, he shrugged and smiled back, kind of.  Well, I’m just getting started, I told him, you’ll figure in soon enough.  But we both also … Continue reading Daddy Who?

Rock Star Mama

When my sisters and I were little, our mom would wake us up in the morning with a song.  Now, hold your “awwws” for just a moment, because it was an original song, sung in operetta, while she was opening the blinds in our otherwise dark bedrooms.  She’d sing, “Good morning girrrrrlllsss, how’d you sleep … Continue reading Rock Star Mama

Sleep Training

Well, it turns out I’ve treated this blog like a fad diet – three days in and I fell off the wagon.  And, though I was raised in a “no excuses” household, I have a really good excuse:  my parents were in town this weekend.  Because my parents live almost seven hours away (in my … Continue reading Sleep Training

Ms. Jackson’s Wisdom

This morning, La Toya Jackson told Hoda & Kathie Lee that “time flies,” in reference to Ms. Jackson turning 55.  I concur.  Just yesterday, I was walking Dylan along the river path toward the nostalgic little downtown area and I detected hints of fall in the air.  I mean, I know it’s September already, but … Continue reading Ms. Jackson’s Wisdom

Night Moves

For some reason, I got Bob Seger’s song, “Night Moves,” stuck in my head last night, around 1:13am.  It was a little past what is becoming one of Dylan’s “normal” night feedings, and he was fussy as hell.  So there I was, rocking him in my delirious state and trying not to fall asleep and … Continue reading Night Moves